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So what's in it for me? 

Our benefits and perks make your life easier.

Stay healthy, manage your finances, give back, learn, be rewarded, share in mrpgs' success are just some of the benefits you will enjoy while working for us.

  • Medical Aid
    We want to make sure that our associates and their families have access to health care; we therefore offer medical aid on a voluntary basis on select Discovery and Momentum Plans, as well as Gap Cover. The Company will contribute 50% of the membership premium for our associates and their legal dependants.
  • Retirement, Death and Disability
    We want to ensure that our associates build a good foundation towards their future financial well-being this includes saving for retirement, protecting salary income in the event of disability, and providing financial benefit to legal dependants in the event death. The company will contribute 11% of the associate’s pensionable salary and the associate will be required to contribute 7.5% which is deducted from their salary towards the mrpg retirement fund. This also includes cover for disability, funeral and death benefits.
  • Loyalty Bonus
    Associates are eligible to receive a loyalty bonus in December each year, up to a maximum of 100% of the associate’s salary, dependant on the associate’s length of service. This is not guaranteed and will be paid at the discretion of the company, dependant on a number of factors including, but not limited to, the trading results and profitability of the company.
  • Incentives
    Associates are eligible to receive performance incentives based on company and individual performance. Within head office, incentives are payable at the end of the financial year and within stores they are payable quarterly, subject to the achievement of set targets and conditions set by the company.
  • Staff Discount
    We are all about delivering value. Associates are entitled to up to 20% discount on merchandise at all mrpg stores including mrp, mrpHome, mrpSport, Sheet Street, and a 33% discount at Miladys.
  • Share Scheme
    Built on the foundation of partnership, the mrpg share scheme provides its associates with the unique opportunity to become a part-owner in the success of the company after 1 year’s permanent service. Our hope is that all associates will hold shares in the company and will use the long-term growth of those shares to build financial security.
  • Share Investment Scheme
    We also provide our associates with the unique opportunity to invest directly in the long-term success of the company whilst growing their personal wealth. Associates are eligible to participate in this share investment scheme immediately upon joining the company. In addition to the associate’s personal monthly contribution to the scheme, associates receive a further 15% contribution from the company towards the purchase of shares.


To become a top performing international retailer.



To add value to our customers' lives and worth to our partners lives, while caring for the communities and environments in which we operate. 



Mr Price culture is one rooted in honesty, empathy, collaboration and mutual respect. We work side by side as equals, while growing closer through treasured traditions like our quarterly comm sessions and annual awards ceremonies.

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